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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Queen for a Day!

Last Tuesday night I had quite a surprise at spin class!

At the end of class the instructor, Katy, said that Karen and Debbie had a presentation to give, and then she said "for Jen"!  I'm like, what-the-what!?

They presented me with my very own pink crown!  Not only that, but an engraved silver star "Jen, Spinning Queen"!  How cute!

But if even gets better!  Debbie (she's been taking cake decorating classes) made the most yummy chocolate cupcakes for the entire class!

It all started because we had a spinning contest at our rec center.  I came in 2nd and my prize was some cheap old halloween candy (that's what I'm guessing anyways); it was weird and funny at the same time!

So my friends decided to present me with these wonderful gifts!  What they don't realize is just how much I appreciate the time and effort they put into doing these things for me!  For me! Wow!!

Katy took a picture of me with my crown on (oh-great-right after spinning with my lovely sweaty self) and put it on her facebook page!  I won't give you the link to that!

Friends....so dear!

Thank you so much Debbie & Karen!


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Becca said...

I *so* miss spinning class, sounds like a great group you have there :)