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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Katherine!

My baby Katherine

What a smile!

Lindsey, Katherine, & Mark

Quirky girl

One of her formals (Lauren & Katherine)

Katherine & Lindsey (check out Lindsey on her tippy toes)

Katherine & Mark

We spent a fall day having fun at the park, taking fun pics!

How could it be that my baby turned 18 today!?  Katherine was just born yesterday, or so it seems!

I am so proud of all three of my kids, Mark, Katherine & Lindsey!  They're good people, and that's what counts the most!

My Katherine is an amazing young woman!  She's super-duper smart (and the fact that I am using the word super-duper means she did not get her brains from me)!  But...what I find even better than that fact, is that she is still such a fun, ditzy (I use that word in the most endearing of ways) girl!  She has a fantastic sense of humor!

I swear if she can make a living going to school formals, she would do it!  She's managed to go to about a billion (maybe a little exaggeration) this year, from a bunch of different schools in the area.

She has an amazing flair for fashion, as does her older sister Lindsey (who happens to have a fashion design degree)!  I'm always surprised at how she manages to put together such cute clothes, from all the stuff on her bedroom floor!

She's loving and thoughtful and I am so lucky! 

Happy Birthday Katherine!  I know your future has so many possibilities, and you will make the best of every moment!



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vintage eye said...

She is just beautiful & aren't you a proud mama!