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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon!

I know I've said this before...I love ribbon! I just bought these retro looking spools of ribbon from Pat Catans for about $1.00 each! They go perfect with my bright pink, white, and brown tissue paper that I use to wrap my orders from my Etsy shops!
I thought I'd use my blog to talk about a couple of questions that I've been asked be fellow Etsy vintage shop owners.

One was how to I keep my items from my shop organized! Oh what a good question! I'd be a big fat liar if I said I was totally organized and never had a moment where I was freaking out because I sold something and couldn't find it! It's happened-I eventually find the item, but from that I've learned!

I have tons of shelves my wonderful husband, Bob, has built for me! Some of them are the big heavy steel ones and some are the inexpensive heavy plastic shelves (even I can put those together). Bob even built some nicer wood ones that are in the living room, and yes, it does look kind of like a store in here now! Stop by!
I've also labeled the shelves and when I list an item and it goes on one of those shelves, I mark that on my description and on a spreadsheet so I have back up!

I also have tons of items in boxes, also labeled and entered into a spreadsheet.

Both of these have worked great for me, and although my house is still full of my finds, and it's difficult to walk anywhere around here without bumping into my fragile stuff, I feel good knowing I can find things when they sell!

Another question often asked of me is where I find all the things I find! Good question! Ohio seems to have an abundance of antiques and vintage items, so it's tempting to just shop all the time...oh wait, I do!

I have my favorite little thrift shops, antique stores, yard sales, etc. I actually was at the post office dropping off some orders when I saw someone I used to work with and I was telling him about my shops, well, a lady overheard that and we chatted for a few minutes, I gave her my card, then she called me to meet! She had acquired a beautiful set of china from her mother in law that she did not have room for. So I bought it!

If you have a question for me I'll try to answer it!

I wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!


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