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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Blogging!

I'm blogging! Just not sure what I'm going to blog about, but I thought it was about time I updated this thing!

It's summer! That's a good thing! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather! I love it-mostly from inside an air conditioned house! I know that's bad, but I kind of wilt in the heat! I am not complaining by any means! I'd much rather wilt than freeze in the snow!

I've been thinking I should get back to the project I started quite awhile ago on my blog; I had meant to have a series of blogs about everything to do with having an Etsy shop and what's involved, from the packing and shipping, the promoting, the shopping for fun items, and more!

I know I had started talking about packing. Maybe I'll start with that again.

I love to gift wrap! I always have! My Mom was happy about that when I was younger, since she had 5 kids, and lots of gifts to wrap at Christmas time!

So when I ship out orders, I wrap it in pretty tissue paper that I usually order from http://www.papermart.com/ -right now I have a bright pink, white, and brown. I add ribbon in coordinating colors, and usually look for bargains for that from either Pat Catans or Michaels (love those places-they always make me feel inspired to do something crafty-which usually turns into something not-so-crafty!). Another great place to find vintage ribbon is thrift shops!

Another little extra I like to offer my customers is to ship directly to a gift recipient (as long as it's in the USA)! I will use regular gift wrap in most cases and make a cute little gift tag and add whatever note the gift giver would like! That way it can be shipped directly to the recipient, and saves a little work for the person giving the gift! Plus it gives me an excuse to gift wrap!

Okay-so that is one step involved in my Etsy shops! Next I will show you my thank you note I send with the order and my cute moo cards (love moo!) www.moo.com and I also have cute moo stickers (I upload stuff from my shop and put them on stickers-soooo cool!).

Happy-almost-4th of July!


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Awesomely helpful & instructive post! Thanks!