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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love food! The food channel is constantly on at my house! I love to cook! So does my husband, Bob! I get inspired to create new recipes from just about anything!

Tonight on the menu was scallops and tilapia.

I started with chopping up fresh orange and yellow peppers, and red and white onions. (Color inspires me!) I sauteed that in a bit of butter (oh how I love butter!) and olive oil (to balance out the butter!). I then added scallions and pinto beans (beans are a great way to add extra protein to your diet).

In the meantime...I made white rice (yes brown rice would have been a healthier choice). After all the ingredients were heated up I added the cooked rice.

There! That was the accompaniment to my tilapia!

For an appetizer I seared scallops in my same butter/olive oil combo; this means cook it at a fairly high heat to give it that great crust! I had seasoned it with seasoned salt and, of course, some red pepper (I love a kick~!). These don't take too long to make, sear them on both sides, cover with foil and heat on low just for a minute or so to be sure they're cooked through.

Now onto the tilapia! These kind of recipes can be changed up with whatever you have, whatever you like, be it chicken or some other kind of yummy fish (my favorite is salmon).

I seasoned the tilapia with the seasoning salt and added some panko bread crumbs to both sides (and no, I did not bother with an eggwash thing-as long as the fish/chicken is moist, it will stick) I also like to start this out at a higher temperature to give it that great crust! Then lower to cook through.

Start out with your scallop appetizer.

Then serve the yummy tilapia on a bed of your colorful and delicious rice mixture!

I should also mention-fresh lemon juice should be squeezed onto both the scallop dish and the tilapia dish-and serve with a wedge of lemon!

I guarantee you will love it!!

Bon appetit!


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