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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crab Cakes for Lunch Today!

I love cooking! So does my husband Bob! Today on the menu for lunch was crab cakes!

Here's what I do:

Saute finely chopped red onion, shallots, carrots, and celery (use what you like-I often use red, green, yellow pepper, but didn't have that in the house today). Cooked in a little butter and oil until everything is kind of soft, but not mushy. I then put this mixture into the freezer to cool it off quickly (doesn't have to be totally cooled, but you just don't want it hot).

I use canned lump crabmeat-and put it in a strainer, rinse it, and run your fingers through to be sure there are no shells (not fun to crunch into that!).

Dump the crabmeat into a cute vintage Pyrex bowl (if you need one just go to http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/) (shameless plug). Add a package of Bay seasoning, mayonnaise, a couple of tablespoons of plain breadcrumbs, the cooled veggie mix, and some red pepper (for this I don't use the flakes, but the finer stuff). Add a bit of salt too.

I then sprinkle some bread crumbs onto a cookie sheet-a light layer. Form the crab mixture into patties and place them on the bread-crumbed-cookie sheet. Here's where I need more patience. I put these in the freezer for maybe 10 minutes, but I think it would help to leave them in there just a bit longer, or in the refrigerator for a longer time. That way the patties stay patties, and aren't all crumbly the way mine usually are.

When the patties are firm, add them to a pan that's a medium high heat (for a good crust) with some olive oil and butter. I guess around 5 minutes or so on one side (turn the heat down to medium half way through). Then flip them over and get the other side nice and brown.

I like to make my food look pretty! In this picture you'll see my cute square plates. I chopped up radishes and green onions and added that to one corner. Fresh lettuce in the middle, and a cute wedge of fresh lemon. (Oh-I almost forgot-I do squeeze fresh lemon on the crab cakes as they're cooking). Use your imagination! Place the crab cakes on the bed of lettuce-and there you have it!

I always make enough to share with my mother-in-law and my sweet 92 yr old neighbor Rea (she shares with her two cats too!).

There you have it! Play with your food-and have fun!!



Bird-in-Hand, Laurie said...

These look absolutely delicious! Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much for sharing. (found you via twitter)

jenscloset said...

Thanks for your comment Laurie!!