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Friday, July 9, 2010

Expect Nothing

It's been my motto for quite awhile now, and for me, it works!

Expect nothing! From anyone!

This way I am always pleasantly surprised!

Although I have to say I am lucky to have a husband that regularly brings me fresh flowers when he's at the grocery store (yes, he does most of the grocery shopping), I still do not expect it, and usually don't even think I deserve it!

Do you expect your husband to tell you how great you look? Don't always count on it! And don't expect it!

My husband will say "I like that dress"; and for me, that's good! I am not expecting him to say "wow! you look incredible!", but by him saying "I like that dress", I know that is what he means!

This same idea works for just about all aspects of my life!

It works when you have a teenage daughter who's life revolves around her friends (that's natural) and then she actually wants to go shopping with you! (even if it's so you'll pay!).

It works when you're shopping and you receive exceptional customer service (and in those cases I am always sure to contact the retailer to give a shout out to the great sales person!).
But for me, it really is the personal aspects of my life that the "expect nothing" motto really does work!

Try it-just for a week! Don't expect anything from anyone! Turn the tables and just help out someone else!

You will be pleasantly surprised! I guarantee it!!


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