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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I know it's not Mother's Day! But we can still celebrate our Mom's, celebrate being a Mom, celebrate someone that you miss and the wonderful times you had together!

The first time I heard the song "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman, I was in spin class. I teared up just a bit, but since I was in spin class, it wasn't a full fledged cry! All I could think about was my Mom; my best friend.

Today, in spin class, the instructor remembered I liked the song and played it again. Some songs just seem like my Mom wrote them to make me feel better. She passed away in 1994 suddenly and my heart is still broken.

I had moved back here from Colorado in 1989, with my 5 year old daughter, after getting a divorce. Since that time we were the best of friends. She was a devoted Mom and Grandmother. She would pick up my daughter, Lindsey, everyday from school, and she would do fun things with her! Putt-putt golf, McDonalds, etc!

After I remarried in 1991 and proceeded to have two wonderful children (very close in age), my Mom continued to help in so many ways! She would come over everyday, exactly the same time, so I could pick up Lindsey at school and she would stay with the babies (Mark and Katherine who are now 18 and almost 17!).

We were always laughing about something. For example, she brought her food processor over for me and gave me demonstration of how to use it. So there she goes putting carrot sticks in the food processor, and she forgot one little step, a cover! We had carrot pieces flying all over the kitchen (don't worry, the kids weren't in the room), we were screaming and laughing at the same time!

My Mom was a devoted Mom to five children. She didn't really have a role model for being a good Mom, but amazingly she was!

She was always a lady, and I see my oldest daughter, Lindsey, in her so much!

What I'm trying to say is, appreciate the time you have with your Mom, your kids, the people you love and treasure them!

And know the ones that are not here with us, are still in our heart. That helps me.

Check out the song "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman, I think it will make you think of someone in your life.

Take care!


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