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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Posts in One Day

Are you sick of me yet!?

It's been an exciting day for me! Starting with my first post about crafts!

I then had to add a new post about my feature in Brides Magazine!

I just finished watching Greys Anatomy and it made me think again (wow-that's a lot of thinking for me!).

I'm not a surgeon, not a nurse, I don't even have a degree-in anything! All I ever knew is that I wanted to be a Mom! I just always knew that is what I wanted to be! Even when I was younger I would pretend to be a teacher for my youngest siblings, Susan and Steven.

So...I'm not a doctor, not a nurse...and I do not have a degree.

But...I am a Mom! I have 3 fantastic kids!! Lindsey is 26 and beautiful and we are the best of friends! Mark turned 18 in December and he is just such a handsome guy with a fantastic sense of humor (and great at those video games)...and then there is Katherine! She's always been unique...amazingly smart-16th in her class in high school, but what I love most about her is that she still can be "ditzy" and I mean that in the most endearing way! She is smart but she still knows how to enjoy life and laugh (and she is so darn cute!)!

Again, I have digressed...that is just what I do..this 3rd post is meant to be about enjoying life..the little things! It doesn't have to be just about the huge milestones. It's about the exciting little things that happen that make up your life.

I'm not saying it's always good and "sunshine happy"! But it is about appreciating the little things that makes everything better!

Today was a day of happy little things happening for me and I'm appreciating it!

Appreciate what you have-gratitude is an amazing thing!


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shabbychic72 said...

Hi Jen,
It is shabbychic72! Great blog! And I just love the blue bowl you have posted! It is gorgeous!

:) Kerri