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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Play With Your Food

My husband Bob and I are "foodies"! I usually have the food channel on most of the day. We both love to cook. We both love to eat!

Tonight I made a salmon dinner. This could easily be made with chicken, tilapia, or without any meat or fish at all and just use pasta!

I started by adding McCormicks Season All Crusting Blend to both sides of the salmon. I added a little butter and olive oil to the pan and put the heat up pretty high to sear the salmon on both sides (for about 3 minutes on each side).

I then wrapped the salmon in foil and put it in the oven at 380 for about 20-25 minutes.

In the meantime, I dug through the refrigerator to see what I had available. I had zucchini, squash, yellow, orange, and red pepper, red onion, white onion, scallions, carrots...and more I can't think of right now, but it doesn't matter, you get the idea~ I sauteed that in a little olive oil and butter and then added some fresh mushrooms, a small amount of chicken broth (you could use vegetable broth), a little cream (yeah-I love cream!), a pinch of nutmeg, salt, pepper, and some italian seasoning...and to kick it up a notch, a tablespoon or two of salsa! Cook that on low.

For under $6.00 for the salmon, I would say it's a pretty good deal! We went out to dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants, "Salmon Daves" and I ordered salmon (which was delicious, as always) and our bill was about $90.

Cooking is fun~~eating is fun too! My pictures aren't the greatest-I love my camera, but the flash at night just isn't that greatest, but believe, it was delicous!

So check out what you have in your refrigerator and play with your food!

Oh...I saved a little bit of the salmon because I promised my adorable elderly neighbor/friend Rea's cats that I would bring them a surprise! Today when I visited Rea they actually came out to see me-and that's a first!


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