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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jen's Craft Day

Yeah right..."Jen's Craft Day"!! Once in awhile I attempt some sort of crafty project. They usually don't turn out too great, but I still have fun trying!

I was watching Martha Stewart yesterday and she had this lady on who makes "scrap boxes" (I can't remember if that's exactly what she called them but I'm sure if you went to marthastewart.com the info would be there. Anyways...this lady puts photos and trinkets from events in her daughter's lives (whether it was just a day at the beach or their first ballet class)into shadow boxes! She has always been a scrapbooker, but with the bulkier things she came up with this great idea!

So that got me thinking (wow-I had a lightbulb moment!)! I have a box full of cool vintage sewing supplies and I've been wanting to do something with them. So I went up to Pat Catans and bought a smaller shadow box to start. I decided if I really like this I can hot glue everything on, but for this, I just scotch taped everything on! It has cute white ric-rac, a thimble, an empty thread spool, and great buttons...and I threw in some non-vintage flowers for an extra touch!

The idea for the hanky table runner came from one of my favorite antique shops. They had taken three handkerchiefs and just used fabric glue to attach them...so that's what I did! You could easily just sew them together, and it would probably be a better idea to sew them, as you can see a slight glue residue on these.

Oh--and the glass dome shown was a Christmas gift from my sister, Susan! It was cute, but I was thinking "what the heck can I do with this?!"...maybe put a tiny cake in it!! So I decided to make it into a Valentine decoration and just added some silk flowers, vintage pearls, a vintage brooch, and some vintage lace! I can change it out for each holiday!

So that's it-that's all you'll get from me as far as crafts!

Take Care!


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