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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm so excited!

Two blogs in one day!! Be sure to check out Jens craft projects-they don't come around too often!

The reason for this 2nd blog is because I just received, in the mail, two Bride's Magazines that my milk glass shop is featured in! They did a great write up on several Etsy shops and mine was one of them! If you read my blog a few posts ago it explains a little more about it.

Thanks so much to Brides Magazine for sending out two of the magazines that my milk glass candlesticks are featured in! The two they sent me are South Jersey and Washington. They should be in all of the Brides Magazines soon! I'm waiting to see the Connecticut one that features my china from jenscloset!

I'm famous (okay, maybe I'm getting carried away!)!

Be sure to check out http://www.brides.com/



Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oooooo!!! You ARE Famous!! Congrats sweetie! Couldn't happen to a sweeter lady!

jenscloset said...

ahhhh...thanks so much Southern Lady's Vintage!!

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Wow! That's HUGE!!!
Congratulations to you and your success..
Cheers, Chrissy

tenthings. said...

Oh, this is sooooo exciting!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

wow! just amazing, I'll have to go to the bookstore and check out those magazines! congrats!

Lindsey said...

yaY!! that's awesome!

jenscloset said...

thanks for your ocmments-much appreciated!

McGregor girl said...

Congrats! This is so exciting!!


auntsuesoldnewlovely said...

Great going sweetie!