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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Day After the 4th!

I hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July!

Mine was interesting! We had our local parade, but I didn't go..but I noticed two boys going by my house after the parade, and they had stopped, and it looked like they were watching some small animal. I finally went out to check on what was happening...and it was the cutest baby squirrel. These boys, only 12 years old, stayed near this little squirrel, for over an hour trying to be sure he didn't go into the busy street and get run over.

I finally told them they should just go, the poor guys would have stayed all day! We brought him closer to my house, hoping that his mommy would find him. He would cry out and then a squirrel (assuming the mom) would cry back from a tree.

We finally put him in the backyard where it was fenced. We actually named him Chip and gave him some water and little pieces of bread. I made a little bed for him with a cardboard box lid and a sheet and he finally settled in there, and slept the rest of the afternoon, yes, we checked, he was breathing.

Unfortunately, this morning we found that he had passed away. I was hoping his mom would have found him and he would have lived. We were going to call the local nature center to see if they could take him, but it's too late. I can only think that at least we made him comfortable, but it's still so sad.

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Bella said...

Awww, he was cute...great kids, too. You did good...sorry he didn't make it :(