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Saturday, July 12, 2008

How's Your Etsy!?

Hello out there to everyone in blog land!

Thanks to all the viewed and commented on my last little article about spinning..what a pleasant surprise!

I'm wondering how everyone is doing with their etsy shops..I really want to feature etsians on my blog. I don't have any clever questions made up...like if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be!

I'll think up some questions, I just need someone to interview!

Have a good weekend..work hard and sell lots!


Nicole said...

I'm up for being interviewed... you can also check out http://littlebookofetsy.blogspot.com she interviews people almost every other day.


swiekysiggies said...

What a neat idea! I'd be interested in an interview, so people can find out how interesting I am! LOL



BlossomingTree said...

I've been doing features for a couple months. It's really nice to read about how crafters/artists got started and a bit about their work.

Have you tried posting a request in the Etsy forums? There may be a good number of sellers that'd be interested in being featured.

Can't wait to read them when you get them going.