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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Monday..what are your plans for the week!?

Hello out there in blog land!

I want to hear what your plans are for the week! If you have an Etsy shop, what are you going to do to promote yourself?

I'm getting ready to feature my first victims..oh, I mean, Etsians! Keep watching!

I'm also thinking of having a contest, it seems like a great way to get more people to visit my little blog..and plus, someone will win something!

Have a good week everyone..work hard..and good luck!



Lindsey said...

well i did organize my shipping supplies today........but if the rest of the day is a sign then i'm going to be too lazy the rest of this week! i'll blame by camera since the battery died and i couldn't take the pics i wanted to.

darlene said...

Hi Jen! Nice blog! I'll bookmark it!

I have spent the last little while going through my Etsy shop with a fine tooth comb. This week I will have my Etsy shop mentioned on a morning television show, and I am looking forward to seeing what effect it will have on my traffic and sales.

Wish me luck!