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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Terryann's shop....check it out!

Terryann's Shop!

I have had such a great time since joining Etsy in April of this year! What I have enjoyed the most is the artists that have shops on Etsy. They're friendly, helpful...and so talented!

I am going to be featuring some of these talented artists...and my first pic is Terryann! Please read on to learn about Terryann and her life!

Tell me about yourself, why you decided to open a shop

My name is Terryann and I live in the Pacific Northwest on an Island, in the sound. I have been around the glue gun and the sewing machine since I was a little girl. My mom is an artist and that creative spirit was passed down to me. My mom painted both of my avatars. We lived overseas much of my growing up years. I believe my many years in the orient influenced me a lot, I think most people can see that as soon as they come to my shop. I love crafting and crafty stuff.

What is more, than just the process I am the product driven kind of person. I must see the result of all my work...either in actual product or learning process. I think I am getting to the point where I see more products and less "life lessons"...That feels good. I am a Life long experience Junkie!I am always looking for a venue for my product, and am generally dissatisfied with craft fair set ups. One day my fingers were surfing through the pages of Ebay, I was in fact searching for other sellers who produced crafts and found a seller that mentioned she was on another site as well……it was allysonhill http://allysonhill.etsy.com/. I followed her to Etsy. She was and is a big inspiration to me. I soon put up a little shop and within 20 minutes had my first sale! Wow! I got to get sewing!

Tell me how your shop is doing and what you like best about Etsy

Well I could be doing better, but for now and this stage of my life I am quite happy with my two or three sales a week on Etsy. I will become an “empty nester” in the next couple of years and then I am looking forward to full speed ahead with promotions and sales. I have been on Etsy since March 2006, and the actual fact that such an environment exists is one of my favorite things about Etsy! The games and visual richness of the site helps tremendously for a sale venue.

What kind of fruit you would be!

I would be a passion fruit! I have a passion for life, a passion for God, a passion for creating, and have a long list of passions that I add to each day….… Life is an adventure and I am an experience junkie! The passion for new experience is a kin to the life long learner, both look for the new and fresh to expand their territory in intellect, memories and wisdom while not forgetting passion. There is a famous line in the movie Chariots of Fire, about the Olympic runner Eric Liddell, where he says when he is running he can feel God’s pleasure, because he knows he is doing what he was created for. That is how I feel when I pursue my passions.

Here are some of the places you can find Terryann!

Currently selling at the following places….
see my own blog for updates and news....http://justsoterryann.blogspot.com/


terryann said...

thanks so much for doing this! nice post!

Robin@creations-anew.com said...

Love the post and LOVE Teryann....

terryann said...

thanks it is perfect!

Cathy said...

Love the interview Jen and terryann came across as totally craft minded but very nice with it. Lovely stuff in her Etsy shop too.