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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Weekend, How About You!?

What a productive weekend I had! Well, that is...if you call buying a lot of neat stuff, productive! (I do!).

I went to a moving sale Friday and Saturday. First of all, the house was gorgeous! Too bad someone already bought it! It was on Lake Road in Bay Village, Ohio..and what a beautiful view of the lake. The house was an amazing older home with a beautiful porch.
I managed to leave the moving sale on Friday with a large box of beautiful items, including some lovely china, linens, and vintage jewelry. On Saturday everything was half price, so I had to buy a lot more...and I met the elderly owner that will be moving from the house. She was an elegant and interesting woman.
*** I need you other bloggers to help me! I cannot figure out why I keep getting all these extra spaces between my paragraphs...does anyone know?


swiekysiggies said...

Sounds like you hit the jackpot on that sale! I would love to see some of the items you got!


MelsDolls said...

congrats on the front page!

Cathy said...

Congrats on you vintage buys Jen. Sounds like you had a profitable and enjoyable time there. The house sounds lovely too.

Regarding blogger I have exactly the same problem. I just have to go and delete all the spaces when I have finished posting. Apparently it is quite a well known problem with blogger but no-one seems to know the answer.

Btw many congrats on front page of Etsy. That is brilliant.