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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Night at the Ritz!

Have you ever stayed at a Ritz Carlton Hotel!? Well, we've been spoiled, because we've stayed at the one in Cleveland several times and it's the best!
My husband and I went to a Todd Rundgren concert last night at the House of Blues (downtown Cleveland)...and the concert was awesome! So we decided to spend the night at the Ritz, and it was wonderful, as usual! For one night, you feel like you're a king and queen!
I took lots of pictures, just so everyone that's not from around here, can see that it's not so bad!
I'm adding a few now and will try to get more up later.
Can anyone tell me why, if I have one space between paragraphs, it leaves a huge space?


Cathy said...

It looks like a great place to be Jen. Lucky you.

I, too have enormous problems with spacing on blogger. It never seems to come out the same twice. Sometimes when I have fiddled with the spacing for a while it goes on strike and won't let me alter anything. I don't think it is particularly user friendly.

When I have typed my piece I have to go to preview and see what it looks like to the public and then go back and take all the spaces out....lol Very strange.

I have also heard very worrying rumours that whole blogs can completely disappear into cyber space.

jenscloset said...

thanks Cathy!