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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pathetically Waiting for an Etsy Treasury

I am obsessed, and am not ashamed to admit it! I am determined to create a "popular" treasury, so I get bumped up to the top of the treasury list, with a big red dot (mean hot)...it's a silly thing, I know, but nonetheless, I will continue to try.

I took several pictures of my surroundings while waiting anxiously for the number to drop from 333 to my turn to list! Here's a picture of the computer screen..I'll add more of my surroundings later, but I thought you might all enjoy this..if you know anything about Etsy and treasuries, you should appreciate this!!


Cathy said...

I had to laugh about your Treasury comments Jen. I have managed to snag 7 now and I have one at the moment. I love doing them but mine are never very popular and never get anything close to the red square. I think you need a really catchy title and I can never think of one. Anyway here it is if you care to take a peak:


Apparently for front page Treasury you need absolutely perfect photographs.


Hi Jen
I waited around for ages the other night for the numbers to go down so I could do one. In the end I gave up!
Hope you get it.

nomadcraftsetc said...

If you go to craftopolis it will tell you about when the next one will be...that way you don't have to wait all day, you can put an alarm clock on to tell you when it is about to be open!

Not soooo pathetic! :)