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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Almost-Birthday Lindsey!!

In our family, we celebrate birthdays for at least two weeks! We usually have a family party and a friend party (when they younger), and then we go out to dinner to celebrate, and another party on the exact birthday!

Well...Lindsey will be 25 next Thursday!! Derek, Lindsey and Cosmo (my hairy grandpup) came home from Columbus this weekend so we could celebrate.

Lindsey and I have been going to this same antique show every year at this time..but this time, it was not as good. They added crafts and had less antiques. We did find some nice things, Lindsey is the sewer (not sewer like drain sewer-ok, seamstress)..and she got a huge bag of vintage sewing stuff! She'll probably add a pic of it to her blog.

We went out to dinner last night and had a great time..not my fav restaurant, Olive Garden, but it's good for a big group and we had fun!

Then Lindsey and I went shopping today-and she's so small that she can wear Abercrombie kids clothes-so I bought her lots and lots of cute things...I'm going to add one pic I took of her-although she said "I don't have makeup on"..she looks great anyways!

So they just left back to Columbus. Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

Love from Mom


Lindsey said...

Thanks! :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

I totally agree that birthdays should be celebrated for at least two weeks. In our family, we do the same thing. My three year old daughter ended up with about 4 birthday parties to call her own this year. But hey, why not! If you have to grow older, you might as well have a whole lot of fun doing it!!

KiWi said...

Aww, happy un-birthday.

Nessa Monster said...

Sounds fun!