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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please check out my new links

This is a group that I am a part of called Etsy BCTG...geez, I can't remember what that stands for! Oh, I think I remember, Business card trade group! It's a great idea...we send business cards to each other and add them to our shipments. I have made good use of the ones I have received..and if my group is reading this, or anyone would like to join, let me know...I would love to add your business cards to my shipments!
By the way..your eyes are not deceiving you...this is broken depression glass. It's something I ordered from Ebay a year or two ago, it came broken in pieces, but I could not bear to throw it away...well, I've been convo'ing with a fellow etsian and they're are people that need this broken glass for their art! She didn't need this pink depression glass, but she is interested in some other broken pieces that I have. I'm practically giving them away, since I really can't use them and I want them to get good homes...basically charging shipping and packaging, and a very small fee.


William said...
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maceykatedesigns said...

Sweet blog, and the best of luck with your shop! :)

Art by Sophie said...

Everything has a use eventually'1 at least thats what i keep telling my man!!

I hate to throw things away too. it does seem like such a waste.

buisness card swapping is a good idea!perhaps i should finsish the ones i started! lol...too much to do not enough time!