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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shipping Shipping Shipping

My USPS Scale

I absolutely love love love running my three Etsy shops!  Everything, the marketing, photography, shopping, even the packing!

My one nemesis is shipping!  I honestly think some shoppers think I make up random shipping costs!

But, I use a scientific method (okay, it's as close as I get to a scientific method!)!

Milk Glass Bowl

Take, for instance, this pretty milk glass bowl.  When I listed this, I placed it on my scale, with a box (that has a bit of packing material in it).  It weighs 1 lb, 5 oz.  I know from experience, that the total weight will end up being almost an extra pound from the original weight.

I usually use priority shipping, and have printed out the costs (for the USA).  I will use the farthest zone for my shipping quote, and refund if it is less. 

I will also add at least a $1.00 for packing material.  I use plenty of bubble wrap and that is an expensive item!

For international shipping, I have made up a list of shipping information for Canada and "Everywhere Else" (I usually use the costs for Australia since that is one of the most expensive countries to ship to).

So that's a quick summary.  There's a lot more you need to know, and I will be happy to elaborate.  Maybe next I will talk about the use of oversize boxes (be careful with this one, as you can be charged a crazy extra charge by the USPS!).

Happy shipping!


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France Guérin said...

This is a very nice Milk Glass bowl! I find it hard to put prices on shipping. I always under estimate the price of it.