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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Silk flowers shot with my new camera!

This is my "miscellaneous" blog!  I haven't blogged for awhile, so I thought it was about time!

These cuties are on their way to Norway!

I thought I'd start with Pinterest.  I know I've blogged about it before, but it's worthy of another mention!  I've made several "boards" of different things I love, such as fashion, vintage, and cute animals!  One of my favorites is my board called "thoughts", where I can add both inspiring and humorous messages!  Plus, I've made at least a few sales through Pinterest!

From my china shop-sold!

Something I am really concentrating on this year is pricing my Etsy shop items so that I am making a profit!  You must take into consideration the taxes you will be paying, the fee that Etsy and Paypal take from your sale, the cost of packing the item for shipping, and time and cost of you shopping and cleaning the item (if you sell vintage you know what I mean about cleaning!).  After all, I love my Etsy shops, but I also want to make a decent living!  I was surprised when I received my 1099 from Paypal, the income shocked me, until I realized it also included the shipping amount!

Lovely porcelain creamer

Katherine's crazy shoes

And on a totally unrelated topic, I had to show you Katherine's shoes!  I can't remember the designer, but I know that they were specially made for her since they are "vegan"!  They are cute...for a 19 year old!  Katherine has great style, so I'm sure she will wear them well!

That's it, I just wanted to ramble a bit!

Carry on,


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Anonymous said...

Those silk flowers look so sharp and in focus! What kind of camera did you just buy? I've always had Nikons but I'm seriously considering changing to Canons.