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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tags are important in our Etsy shops.  It helps potential customers find us by using important "key words".

It's not so important when talking about humans.  I think the only categories should be human and sub-human.

There is no distinction between colors, origins, sexual preference, religions, etc.  

There IS a distinction between humans and subhumans.

The lastest event in Cleveland, where the "sub-human" man tortured and kept 3 girls/women for 10 years.  This is what I mean by sub-human.  These people should be on an island by themselves.  They should not be given the privilege of prison, where they are treated much better than a large percentage of our wonderful "humans" who work hard for a living.

Let's not judge people by tags, after all, you could just tag me as a crazy old lady! I don't like that (although it is slightly true)!

Don't judge!



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