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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful Mom's and Mom's-to-be!

This card is one that I keep at my desk and look at everyday. It was from my Mom/best friend years ago.  She passed away suddenly in 1994 (and only 59 years old).

I would like to nominate my Mom as Mom of the Year!  My Mom didn't have the easiest childhood, and she basically help to raise her younger siblings (6 of them), when she was just a young woman in high school.

My Mom went on to have 5 wonderful (if I may say so myself) children.  She was always so loving and best of all, she was the best cook!  Honestly, gourmet meals every night, how did she do it!?  I think that's why I love to cook so much now!

I always say being a Mom is the toughest but best job in the world!  You need patience and a sense of humor for sure!  My Mom certainly made it look easy!

I miss all the crazy fun times my Mom and I had together!  She would come over everyday when Mark and Katherine were little, so I could get a "break" and get out of the house to pick up Lindsey from school.

We would laugh about silly things.  One of my favorite memories was when she brought her food processor over, and she clearly did not know how to use it; she put carrots in the thing, and well...let's just say, it rained carrots all over my kitchen!

It helps to remember fun times like this and know my Mom is still here, I can feel her presence.  

Thanks Mom! I love you!!

Your daughter,

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