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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My birthday fun!

My "baby" Katherine & I (or me!)
My birthday was May 20th!  Yes, I turned 25 again (25 x 2 +6).  Our birthday celebrations always last at least a week or two!  My husband Bob, Katherine and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Pier W for dinner.

Bob & Katherine

 I love that close up shot of Katherine!  You can see just a bit of Cleveland in the background.  

Speaking of me, the dress I am wearing is a Jessica Simpson dress (in case you wanted to know).  The sleeves were my favorite part, since they open up at the shoulder, and reveal just a bit of the shoulder!

Group shot
 Then it was on to Columbus to celebrate with my oldest child, Lindsey, and her hubby Thomas!  That's Mark (my sweet son), Katherine, moi, Lindsey, and Thomas (acting shy).

Newlyweds, will be celebrating their 1 yr anniversary in June!
Mark & Katherine
The party isn't over yet!  Today I will go to lunch with my Dad, and tomorrow night my sister Susan is making dinner for me!

I love my family!!


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