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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Me and sweet Lindsey

Time is flying by right before my eyes.   It seems like just a few days ago my daughter, Lindsey, was just a little girl.  All of a sudden she's grown up and getting married!

We've always been very close, and I'm am getting a bit more emotional than I ever thought I would!

My Mom and Lindsey

Lindsey big day is making me think more and more about my Mom.  I wish she could be at the wedding, but I believe she will be there.  My Mom passed away just 4 years after this picture was taken.  After Lindsey and I moved back to Ohio (from Colorado), in 1989 (after I was divorced), my Mom and Dad were always there for us!

My Mom was a true lady.  Lindsey reminds me so much of her.
My wonderful brother in law, Steve, and my Sister Susan

My sister Susan, Lindsey, and I

I will be thinking of my wonderful brother-in-law, Steve, also.  We all miss him.  He was a wonderful husband, father, and gone to soon.

Remember how fast time goes by.  Enjoy the little things, they make up your life!


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