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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Count Down!!

I can't believe my daughter Lindsey will be married in just a few days!

Lindsey and Mark

This picture was taken on prom night for Mark!  Mark is my sweet 20 year old son.

Katherine, Lindsey, and Mark

Another prom night shot!  It was prom time for Katherine (who is now 19) too!

So my first born will be married this Saturday, June 9th! Wow!  Lindsey and I have always been very close.  She was basically an only child until she was around 8 or 9!  When Lindsey was around 5, I divorced her Dad, and we moved from Colorado back to Ohio.

I grew up in Ohio, and my Mom and Dad were there to help me out.  Boy did they help me out!  When I went back to work, my Mom would pick up Lindsey everyday from school and take her to McDonalds.  They had such a special bond.

Lindsey also had a special bond with my Dad.  He would take her to all kinds of fun places, like he did with us when we were kids!

In 1991 I married my favorite husband, Bob!  Soon we were blessed with Mark, and surprise...Katherine about 14 months later!

I'm a lucky girl!!  Three wonderful children and a fantastic husband.

I wish my daughter the same happiness.

I love you Lindsey, so so much!!!

Best wishes!!


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