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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lucky Number 3000!

Vintage Jewelry
The countdown to 3,000 sales in my 1st Etsy shop, Jenscloset !

As of today, I have 2,998 sales!  I've learned so much since I started this shop back in 2008!

My china shop
I've learned the "art of packing" fragile items.  Speaking of shipping, that has definitely been my biggest challenge!  I have an official USPS scale that I weigh my items on.  I add a box with some packing material inside to simulate the actually weight when the item is packed.  I add almost another pound to that weight, and use my USPS chart for the cost, using the farthest zone.  I always refund if shipping is less (minus a small fee for packing material).
My Milk Glass Shop
Another big challenge is storage!  My husband Bob is constantly putting up more shelves for me, and my house looks more like a warehouse than a home!  I am not proud of that, but that's the way it is!  I would love to have a separate storage facility for all of my shop items.

With such large inventory, it sometimes is a hunt to find a sold item!  One of my methods is a spreadsheet/box method.  I add the item to a numbered box, and at the end of the listing, add that number, and also enter it into a spreadsheet.

Pink Pyrex
I also know that summer sales can be a bit slow, so I must be patient and not get discouraged!


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Susan Hemann said...

Congrats Jen!! Wow. Thank you for the advise on shipping. I never know how much to charge.