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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage Jewelry

Brilliant Rhinestones

Goldtone and Aurora Borealis

Retro Sarah Coventry

Classic Sarah Coventry Brooch

I love vintage jewelry!

Brooches can add that extra touch to a dress, coat, hat, and so much more!

Clip earrings are so versatile!  Use as clip earrings, shoe clips, one as a pendant, even hooked to spaghetti straps to turn your favorite black dress into something new!  My daughter added some of my sparkly vintage clip earrings to one of her prom dresses instead of wearing other jewelry!  Her friends loved the idea!

I've seen several beautiful Etsy shops that upcycle vintage jewelry and turn them into new pieces!  I'm eyeing a charm bracelet from one of the Etsy shops, it's full of gorgeous vintage jewels!

Maybe you're lucky enough to have your Grandma's old jewelry box full of her wonderful jewels!  Bring new life to them.  And if not, just stop by my shop! I try to add new jewelry everyday! http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ .

Enjoy your weekend!  So happy we're having a "heat wave"!  Over 30 degrees today and sunshine!


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vintage eye said...

Fabulous post! Just got a new vintage brooch today! Do you think it would look tacky if I wore them all at once? ;)