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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shipping International

Shipping international is easier than you might think!

For example, just this morning, someone from Japan asked me what the shipping cost would be for a cute pitcher and coffee cup would be. 

I put them on my handy dandy official USPS scale (that included the box and packing material-if you've been reading my blog you know about that little trick).  That gave me an estimate, and I always add just under 1 lb to that, because when it's all packed, from my experience, it works out just about right.  In fact, my estimate on the weight was 2 lbs 12 oz, and the actual weight was 2 lbs 9 oz!

The http://www.usps.com/ is a great place to get free priority shipping boxes, priority labels, the customs forms, and more, all for free!  Order both the Customs Declaration CN 22 Form (for anything shipping 1st class international).  If it weighs over 4 lbs, it must go priority.  You will need the Customs Declaration & Dispatch Note-CP72 for those items.

Sign up on http://www.usps.com/ to then order a stack of both of these forms.

The 1st class international form is quite easy.  Check the merchandise spot, the detail of the order, quantity, weight (of the item), value, and there's 2 options for the exemptions/exclusions legend, I always check the 1st one, NOEE1 30.37(a) , for under $2500 value.  Sign your name and the date.  On the right there's a place for you to put your info and the buyers name & address.

See, isn't that easy!?

It literally took me maybe 30 minutes to add her shipping information to the listing, she then ordered, I packed it up, went to the post office, came back and gave her the customs ID # (be sure to save that receipt and they will also give you a part of the Customs Declation page for your records.

Next, I will go over the priority customs form!

Have fun!


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