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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegetarian Soup Recipe

I love meat, but my 17 year old daughter, Katherine, does not!  She's been a vegetarian for several years now and she's well aware that she needs to get protein into her growing body!

I try to make a yummy homemade soup for her every week; a big pot of it, so it will last for about a week.

My soups are always different, but I start the same way almost everytime.  I start with a little butter/olive oil in the pan (less butter for Katherine's soup, since she doesn't like butter either!).  I then saute onion, celery, carrots, and if I have any green, red, yellow, or orange pepper, I'll add that too.

After that's sauteed I will add "Garden Vegetable Broth" (this one happens to be from College Inn.  I added 3 cans this time.

I also added a  bean medley.  This started with bag of dried beans, a good mixture of several beans.  I followed the directions on the back for the quick soak method: rinse the beans, cover with water in a pan, boil for a few minutes, then put a lid on it and let it soak for 1 hour, then drain and rinse beans.  I did find that some of the larger beans were still not soft enough, and I know Katherine will not like that, so I'm going to cook the soup longer to soften them up.

I usually use canned beans, whatever you like is fine!

I also added some rice, italian seasoning dried mix (break it up in your hands), a bit of garlic salt, and a pinch of sugar (just so the broth isn't too bitter).

After this has cooked for awhile I will add some pasta and then let it cook for maybe another 8-10 minutes, depending on what kind of pasta I use.

It's fun-just make it up as you go! Notice my retro large yellow Pyrex bowl and my Corelle Spring Blossom plate and bowl!

I'll jot down my regular veggie soup (the non-vegetarian version) that I make for my husband & I soon!

Perfect on a cold winter day!  Add a nice salad and some bread and it's the perfect lunch or dinner!



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