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Friday, December 31, 2010

Settling in for a Long Winter's Nap

this was a couple of summers ago!

Oh wait, that's the wrong holiday, geez, I'm getting old!

Hold on while I get my party gear!

Okay, I'm back!  Pj's and popcorn all set up!

Yes, this is what New Year's Eve looks like around here...and I'm not complaining!

Been there, done that, and now perfectly content at home, safe & sound!

On the other hand...my daugher Katherine just left for a party-and she looked so darn cute!

We've had a fun (and yet strange) tradition here on New Year's Eve, that started several years ago, when my oldest daughter, Lindsey was much younger.  We have this 80's-early 90's electronic game called "Mall Madness".  Considering my shopping history, I should always win that, but nope..never have!  My husband, Bob, has won most years.  My son, Mark has one a few of the years, and we even had my Dad involved on year and he won!

So I guess guys should be out there shopping more!  The object is to be the first to buy your items and get out of the mall first.  Now I get it (the light bulb just went on!).  Guys don't think about what they're buying-they're goal is to hurry and get out of the mall...and thus, the reason the guys always win this pathetic game!

So this year, it's me, Mark, and Bob...the tradition lives on.  Maybe we can drag this tradition on for at least a year longer.  How funny it will be when it's just Bob & I and Mall Madness!

Anyways..I hope everyone has some fun tradition for New Year's Eve (something where's there's not much chance that you'll be arrested).

I love my past memories, and look forward to my future...and I hope the same for you!

Cheers to the New Year!! 2011!


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