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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Look Back-Yes, Look Back!

Yes, I'm here yet again to talk about the new year!  Blame it on my yoga instructor, Vicky!  (By the way, she's expecting her 2nd baby in a few months, but she can still do more yoga moves than I can!)  Vicky always ends our yoga class with something that makes us stop and think.  Last night she talked about looking back.  I know-you've always heard "don't look back-move forward".

This time-look back on the year 2010.  Make a list of your accomplishments, what you've been most proud of, and even the mistakes.

Pat yourself on the back!  You've made it through another year, and hopefully you've learned something from the good and the bad that when on in the past 365 days!

That's what it's all about!  One big learning process!

I, personally, am proud of my Etsy shops!  I devote most of my day (and even part of my sleeping hours), working on my shops!  I've never worked so hard, yet been so happy!  Doing what I love to do!  Now, if I could just become a millionaire from it!!

So look back!  After you've looked back and realized you'ved learned something from all of it--then move forward-and have an even better year than the year before!



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