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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Big Day is Almost Here!

Be a Christmas Angel to someone

I'm sure you know what day I'm talking about! 

It's almost here!  Christmas Day!

This weekend I kept waking up in a panic during the night thinking about the Christmas shopping I still needed to do!  I really hadn't started much. 

I had a couple of good reasons (at least, I think so!).  One was that I was focusing on my Etsy shops!  I know the weeks before Christmas are important when you have a shop, so I was trying to get as much listed as I can (and I must say, I had my most successful selling weekend last weekend!).

Another reason is we are cutting way back.  I was in a panic about that,  Even though my kids are 17, 19, and 27, I still don't want to disappoint them. But the facts of life are, my Etsy shops are my only source of income, and my husbands been laid off from his job for just over a year (we were both working at the same office).  Fortunately, Bob (that's my fantastic husband) has something he's working on that I think will be quite successful!

I did a pretty good job at sticking to my budget (only snuck -is that a word-snuck!? - in a few extra gifts for everyone!).

I did manage to get everything done by Tuesday and then I was able to focus on some other special people in my life.

First of all, Rea.  I'm sure if you've read my blog you know who Rea is!  My 92 year old neighbor, who recently moved into an assisted living facility.  I brought her the cutest blow up reindeer (just from the dollar store) and a festive holiday pin, and a Christmas card.  I know she has a lot of pride, and I didn't want to lavish her with gifts and make her feel bad about not reciprocating (although she still said I shouldn't have done anything)! 

Then onto my friends at Goodwill!  Goodwill is a wonderful company because they employ "handicapped" people!  I have to put "handicapped" in quotes, because this amazing group of people are far from handicapped in my eyes!  Upon first glance, you may think there's something wrong with them.  But, if you stop and talk to them, you will discover the most kind hearted, loving, and compassionate people you've ever met!

I brought Jerry, Elizabeth, Elise, and Robert a Christmas card and a little Christmas ornament.  Jerry is my absolute favorite!  For him, I also wrote a special to let him know how important he is to so many of us that pass through the Goodwill doors!  He was so excited, his hands were shaking, and it was hard for him to open the envelope, I had to help him with that!  If you want to see pure goodness, you need to meet Jerry!  What does he want for Christmas?  He wants the entire world to be happy and to end suffering.

That's what I mean by a pure heart.  The hugs I received from them was all the thanks I needed!

I hope you're able to relax by now and think about the people that have touched your lives.  You don't have to spend a lot to let them know how you feel!

I also have a tradition of bringing a big box of chocolates and cookies to the staff at our Recreation Center.  I'm there just about everyday, and the staff is always so nice and friendly!    I know, I should bring something healthy, since it's the "rec center", but what the heck-it's the holidays!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful holiday season with the people you love!

Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year!


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