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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

No, it is not all about me!

But I will start with me! Tomorrow I will turn another year older! I can't say I'm thrilled! But...I am pathetically optimstic...believe me, I try really hard not to be!

So I am getting older. I know it happens to everyone, but I think it's a bit tougher for women. We have images thrown at us in the media telling us what we should look like. I have never been a follower and have never thought of myself as a leader either; yet when it comes to self image, I need to give my opinion!

Self image is just that! "self image". It is what you think of yourself. Not what others think of you. That is one fantastic thing about getting a little older, I'm not caring so much what others think! There's a strange confidence that has come over me!

I have also have learned a new love...running. I still do not consider myself a runner, but I have 4 medals that prove different! What I have learned is that I'm more competitive than I ever thought I was! I have found a good reason to be older! There is not quite as much competition in my "age category" and I am now winning medals in running!

The reason for this blog update? Is it just for me to brag? Nope! It's for me to tell you-everyone, whatever your age, weight, height, etc....you can do it! Certainly, if I can accomplish something, you can too!

Push yourself just a bit!!


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Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Happy birthday! Here's to staying fabulous! :)