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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Had A Bad Day

So what's a bad day to you? Bad hair day..or bad traffic trying to get to work? Maybe it was too cold, too hot, too rainy, or...even too sunny!?

In a few days it will be the day we celebrate the 4th of July!

All I can think of is the men and women that fight for our country everyday. They're away from their wives, their husbands, they're children.

Can you imagine being in iraq or iran or wherever you're stationed...without your family? Or perhaps your family has followed you to where you are stationed..do you think that's easy for the family? No...probably not...but they do it. Who are they doing all of this for?

Well...let me think about that...for maybe a 2nd! I know who they are doing all of this for! For all of us! It's not just one person...it's a family..it's the entire family that is sacrificing for us!

So please take time during the fun times this weekend, to remember what this is all about..our freedom..and the people that keep on fighting for our freedom..they are our hero's--I know the word hero mean a lot these days..like movie hero's...whatever hero's you can think of! I know who are true hero's are..

But right now I'm focusing on the hero's that are away from their family's...and the family's that that are away from their hero's..their dads, their moms, their daughters, their sons...

I thank you....you are not forgotten.

Thank you so much for our 4th of July 2009!!

and best to you and your families! for without you,we would not be celebrating this day!


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