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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Featured On My Blog

I'm absolutely thrilled that I will be featured in this wonderful blog tomorrow:

If you get a chance, please check it out, Friday July 24th!

I've only done one or two features on my blog, but I'd like to make it a regular part of this blog, so if you want to be featured, please leave me a comment with a place I can contact you, and I'll be happy to get your story out there!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer...I am! We will be going our usual vacation destination in August...Cocoa Beach, Florida (yes-the hottest time of the year-my husband loves that!)! We have a condo there and it's right on the beach, and there's a pool, so it's just perfect! The only thing I really miss is my usual workouts! I swear I gain 4 lbs in those 2 weeks of being a beach bum and going out to dinner everynight...oh the price we must pay!

Get out there and enjoy the sun and remember your sunscreen!

Take care!


1 comment:

monica said...

i love your stuff! Just my style...your feature came out great at inkwell. A fun read! Thanks for participating.