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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Not Always About the Shoes

I know...what could I be thinking, making such a statement! I do love shoes and I think most women do! I have quite a collection! This year I bought a pair of gold gladiator sandals (not like the ones that go way up the ankle-just simple ones) from Dillards and they have been my go-to sandals this summer!

I also have another pair of very cute, very pointy, black Anne Klein pumps that I just love! My sister actually just borrowed them for a wedding! I used to wear them quite a lot when I was working in an office-just last year (I do miss the dressing up for work stuff!). My co-workers used to tease me for wearing my pointy shoes, but I didn't care!! They're a great classic, yet sexy pump, with a good heel!

Then of course, I have what I refer to as my "popular black boots". I swear everytime I wear them (in fall and winter) strangers will comment how much they love them! Men and women! They're not to wild, classic yet sexy--I guess that's a theme with me!

But guess what! My new favorite pair of shoes are shoes I would have never bought for myself, and I'm not sure that I'll ever wear them, but they will always be my favorite pair of shoes. If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me mention my elderly neighbor Rea. She is 91 years old, but I'll tell you what, she is sharper and funnier then a lot of the people I know that are half her age!

My relationship with Rea started, well, let's see...it's been about a year and a half I guess. She lives up the street from me and we had said our neighborly "hello's" now and then. But I had started seeing her using her walker, getting her mail and finally decided I just needed to get over there and help her out. So I walked down one day while she was struggling to get her mail out on our busy street and the rest is history. It started out as a neighbor helping a neighbor. Then I got my son, Mark, 16 at the time, involved. I think it's good for teenagers to help others and not get paid for it. So Mark is still going over there every Tuesday and taking her garbage out for her.

Okay-back to the shoes. So...I started helping her more and more. Rea is still full of spunk and such an interesting lady...and now, a truly truly good friend! Rea, as with so many elderly people, is on a very strict budget. But she called me yesterday and said she had something for me and wondered if I could come over. Well, I thought I should go..perhaps she won the lottery and was going to share! So I went over right away. That sweet, sweet, dear, dear friend of mine had bought a pair of shoes for herself from one of these catalog places (I think older people love these catalogs) and she said the 2nd pair was free...so she ordered a pair for me!

Now do you see why my favorite pair of shoes are now these shoes!? She told me I'm always doing things for her and she wanted to do something for me. I really could have cried right then and there! I told her how sweet she was and she said "I'm not sweet, I'm ornery", but she is not ornery-she is sweet!

What a gift...not the shoes as much as my friendship with Rea! I will treasure it forever!

Thank you Rea!!


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Evie's Tool Emporium said...

No, it isn't always about the shoes! Everyone needs a Rea & a Jen in their lives!