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Friday, July 17, 2009

Never Been So Busy

First...I have to tell you...my daughter Katherine (my baby...okay, she's 16, but she's still my baby) called today from Paris, France! She left Wednesday with a group of students, parents, and a french teacher and her husband--the french teacher's husband, not my daughter's husband...okay-anyways...I'm so excited for her! Now I really want to go! She'll be there a total of 14 days...what an wonderful experience for her!

Now, to my blog about how crazy busy I am! So...I've never been busier! I am up most days before 7:00 am and I really don't think I stop all day and well into the night! Even when I'm sleeping I'm thinking about my shops or things I need to do.

But guess what!? I love it!! Okay, so maybe I do need to relax a little, but you know the feeling...when you feel you're on the right track and you just can't stop-won't stop!!? That's where I'm at!

It makes me think about my Dad and when he started his actuarial company-started out with just him...no office..and kids to put through college! But he did it! It grew into a successful company! What I remember is that he would go to work early, leave late...and work weekends. But he loved it, it was his company and his passion! So I believe I got my entrepreneurial spirit from him! He always had that "can do" attitude!

I'm sure plenty of you can relate to where I'm at! Somedays, of course...you're wondering what the heck you're doing...but most days, I think I know what I'm doing!

Good luck with your ventures!!


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