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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Power of Twitter

This blog update is not for non-twitter-people who "don't understand twitter"...this is for the true believers...my friends..my twitter friends! The ones, that no matter what time of day/night it is, are there...and look when I say I listed something new, or when some drama has happened and I just need my friends to chat with...

Here's proof of the power of http://www.twitter.com/ ...I was nominated for an Etsy "award" for my Ruby Red Hobnail Fenton Candleholders, by a twitter friend!! You must check out her absolutely adorable shop http://www.maybeads.etsy.com/ you're sure to find the perfect gift there, or just a fun gift for yourself! Okay...so she was kind enough to nominate me...! During the nomination process others from twitter popped up to lend their support. Here's one http://www.enchantedquilling.etsy.com/ (an Australian darling!!) you must check out her very cool shop also!!

So that's a few of the reasons I love twitter and am on there constantly! Most of my votes-I think just about all of them, came from my twitter friends. I've said this before..I work at home, this is where my office is, my warehouse, etc. I love to talk, that is why I was constantly in trouble at school as a child, and at work as an "adult". So I miss that! I think of twitter friends as my "cubicle friends" --like I'm just workin' away, but chatting over the cubicles until some boss-guy comes along..and the best thing is...there is no boss guy anymore!!

If you haven't noticed by now from all of my blog updates...I do ramble! This is the actual way I talk...usually very fast, and sometimes I make a little sense, sometimes no sense (nonsense)...and sometimes I surprise even myself, by saying something that truly is unbelievable deep and thoughtful...but not often!

So, what I'm trying to get at is...I love twitter (and even my daughter's boyfriend, Derek www.twitter.com/derekbronish , loves it too! even though Lindsey laughs at us)...and I don't care if you get it or you don't get it-I get it-

So twitter or don't...I will continue and I thank my twitter friends, truly thank them, for all of the times they are really there for me!!

Thank you-you know who you are!!

Love you guys,



Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Twitter IS amazing. Many people think it's just people who are full of ego, posting about what they had for lunch or the latte they just had. There ARE a few people who post stuff like that, but as you develop the list of people you follow and those who follow you, it's an amazing network. There's more good in it than bad.

My Twitter Page

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have to tell you...I am a newcomer to twitter and have been holding off for what seems like forever. I jsut didn't get what people could say in 140 characters that would interest anyone else. BOY...was I EVER wrong! I have found some really neat people (only been on for less than a week) and enjoy reading and viewing other peoples websites. And it isn't all about what you're doind either. Hey...I found you there...LOL! Congrats!!

polka dot skies said...

Great post! I also feel like I've "met" such nice folks on twitter. They are always there for an extra :) and encouragement!

Casual Cottage said...

Jen, I never would have believed it before I joined Twitter. What a wonderful community and it's true...it's like sitting and chatting with your "work" buddies. So glad that you won and very glad to have become one of your twitter pals!

jaesdesign said...

I stayed away for a really long time, I just didn't get it until I really started using it. Jen I love reading your tweets, even if it is just what you had for lunch! xo

jenscloset said...

yay!! thanks for all the comments!! and for visiting my blog!

sassypackrat said...

I also work from home and twitter is my lifeline to the world. If it wasn't for twitter I might not speak to another adult all day! Just love it and my twitter friends!

Kelli said...

Twitter is great. I have friends who scoff at twitter, but then they are on Facebook giving constant updates. Anyway, I'm glad I follow you and other great people on Twitter. I enjoy seeing the new uploads in shops, websites, blog posts, pics, and...well, everything. Good post.