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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Got An Order!! Now What!!?

This is the letter I send with a few of my business cards (love the Moo cards!).

As anyone knows that has seen either of my shops, most of my items are fragile! I've learned quite a bit about packing these fragile items in the past year! I'm going to talk more about packing safely in a blog to come soon!

First, of course, there's the excitement of the sale! The first thing I do, after the sale and payment, is to send feedback and a convo to the customer to thank them for their order and let them know when I will be shipping their item (usually it's that day, or at the latest..the next day!).
Then I have a letter I prepare to send with the package, with some of my business cards (you must check out www.moo.com if you haven't already!).
Okay--those are the first 2 steps...the next few steps will be added to my next blog!



alexkeller said...

i'm followingyou -follow me too! i may not post anything all week -family vaca, but we'll see.
and I got my Moo cards today - so lovely!

jenscloset said...

thanks alexkeller for following me and having my gloves in your wonderful blog--I tried to follow your blog, but keep getting kicked off-I'll try again tomorrow :)