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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay...Finally Ready for the next step!

weigh it
bubble wrap is my friend!

Packing supplies

It's been a busy week..not sure why business picked up like it has, but I'm happy! So I haven't had time for blogs...I'm going to add the next step.

Let's see...my first step after the excitement of getting notification of a sale (and then jumping up and down!), is to prepare my little thank you note, send a convo to thank the customer, and leave feedback.

Next step:
Gather up my packing supplies, bubble wrap, fragile stamp, a box (I'll talk about boxes more in another blog), packing tape. My investment dollars for my business haven't been to high, the most expensive investment was my camera, which was a good deal, and I love it. For approximately $40 you can buy a scale from www.usps.com it's a must have.
So after my items have been wrapped pretty in pink tissue paper and ribbon added, I bubble wrap the heck out of it! Then..I have newpaper-type paper that I purchase at www.uline.com and I use that to wrap the item up some more!
I pack the bottom of the box with regular newspaper for more cushion, and then add the item to the box and make sure there's no chance for movement while it's on its' trip!
I have my fragile stamp that I stamp all over the box, as well as using my permanent marked to mark "glass" in a few places on the box. I also have fragile stickers that I purchased from www.uline.com . I use a lot of packing tape to be sure it's sealed up tight (I usually just buy the big six-pack of packing tape at office max when they have special deals).
I can prepare my labels at www.paypal.com or www.usps.com unless it's an international shipment, then off to my local post office!
I add one of my moo stickers (www.moo.com ) to my label (my stickers are pics of things from my shop--just a little extra advertising!), and I have a little thank you sticker I add to the box.
Okay--that's enough for now-back to actually packing I need to do!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Evie's Tool Emporium said...


At times we've run out of boxes and bubble wrap so I have physically driven to Uline to pick up our order!

Happy to have found your blog! I've been meaning to check it out!
Tonight was the night!

Thank you for sharing your tips!