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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time Management

Most of my friends on Twitter know about my favorite time management trick! I use this trick most on the weekends, when there seems to be even more to get done in 1 day!

You can start feeling overwhelmed when you have too much to do. What happens then is you give up on your to-do list altogether! Maybe you just hang out on Twitter! (Who can blame you!?)

I know many of you have your own shops and work from home, like I do. You are your own boss...and in order to be a good boss, you need to have some time management tricks up your sleeve.

My favorite one, that works everytime, is so easy! What I do is set the timer! Use whatever time you want, but for me, what works best is setting my timer for 20 minutes. In that 20 minutes I cannot go near the computer, or list anything in my shop! In that 20 minutes I do housework only!

You would be amazed what you can get done in 20 minutes when you have a "break goal"! Times UP!! Great...now I set the timer for 15 minutes and I can play! For me that usually means going directly to Twitter! In that time I also will photograph some things that I want to list in my shop, and perhaps..even list something!

Times UP again!! Set the timer...20 minutes..and off to do more housework!

You get the idea! Just try it sometime when you're getting frustrated at all that needs to get done! You are only one person, but with a little time management trick, you will be one cool person!!

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Fallen Angel Designs said...

What a good idea! I often get overwhelmed by all the jobs I have to do, I have 4 kids, so it would be much easier to do things in 20min sections!!

Vyeshi said...

i love this trick too! i can fold laundry for 10 minutes!! then i play for 20!! just kidding.
love your picture for this post. thought it was a blue bra at first!! :)

kismet1990 said...

Love this idea! And I really need to use it...thanks for a great tip! :0)