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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fenton, Milk Glass, Hobnail...I love it!

If you've seen my milk glass shop (cleverly named http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ ) than you may have guessed that I do love milk glass!

I have quite a few Fenton pieces listed in my shop. Fenton is just a classic to me..you can't go wrong with Fenton! My favorite reference book is "The Big Book of Fenton Milk Glass, 1940-1985". I actually do not own the book, I am just always at the library checking it out, and paying overdue fines for it...hmmmm..might be a good idea to actually find the book and purchase it somewhere..what a thought!!

This book has been a great help, it has a good chapter on hobnail, my favorite milk glass pattern! I have several of the pieces that are listed in this book, so it helps to actually find out what the piece was originally used for, such as a pickle dish! Well, of course...we all need a pickle dish! Especially a Fenton milk glass hobnail pickle dish!
I love the silver crest pattern too! I do not have quite as much of the silver crest as the hobnail, but it's a lovely pattern, and I will be on the hunt for more of these pieces!

Now, I'm not just a Fenton snob! I haven't met too many milk glass pieces that I haven't loved! Even the vases I find that have been battered and beaten and just need to be cleaned up and loved! It's amazing what a little soap and water will do for a lovely milky white vase.

My milk glass shop has a price point for everyone! I always try to keep some pieces in the $10 and under category, so everyone can enjoy milk glass as much as I do!

If you can only afford a few milk glass pieces, and you want to start collecting (because milk glass looks simple and gorgeous in a collection!), start with a few bud vases!

After you check out my milk glass shop you may think, "Wow! That girl has a huge collection of milk glass!" Guess what!? I have tons more here to list! So if you're looking for a certain milk glass piece, just ask...I might have it!

Happy milk glass hunting and best wishes to all!



themogulmom said...

I love milk glass too! I actually have a TON of my Nanny's (my grandmother) old milk glass vases just sitting out in my garage! Gasp! I think I'll go get it & spruce up my decor!! :)

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

I've managed to sneak some into the house - my DH doesn't like it, but I do :)

La Alicia said...

the texture is so great!

Farmer*swife said...

Howdy Gal! I didn't realize you just recently opened your Etsy shop this month!! How wonderful!

BTW, you won the Cascade at my place! :-)

Email me at farmers.wife@ymail.com with your shipping address and I'll send it out to you!

tammy franks said...

My mom has some white glass stuff,and I have like all blue and white dishes and things.SO I think the white glass would just fit in.Mom has that easter basket I want it someday LOL,I love this set and the sugar and creamer set.IF I could I would buy them both!!! and when and if I can I will!! Wonderful shop Wonderful stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come over to your place to shop! I'd bring a big box.