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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If I've inspired one person with my workout regimin, than I'm happy! What a long day I had today, so I really was looking forward to my spin class even more than usual tonight (and I knew my favorite instructor Brenda would be there!) . Working out inspires me to keep pushing myself, to keep on going even though I feel so drained.

What inspires you!? I know many of you have an Etsy shop and I am inspired by all of your talent! You inspire me by following your passion, and you should be proud of yourself~!

Sometimes you many not even know that you have inspired someone, just by smiling at the stranger you pass by on your way into the grocery store! Or you may have inspired them by your kind words on Twitter (yes..I just had to mention Twitter). I am saying that from my own experience, because there are days when you wonder! The first thing I do when I list something new in one of my shops, is to announce on Twitter! Sure enough, my Twitter friends come through! Oh, and when I make a sale...it's amazing (not that I made the sale)! I am sure to get several "Congrats" and "Way to go's" from everyone! That inspires me!

Inspiration keeps us going! It's the motivation we need to do what we do!

I find inspiration in so many ways! I'm inspired by art, by happy people, but an elderly neighbor that still has an amazing sense of humor (that would be my 92 yr old friend Rea!).

What? You don't think you inspire anyone? You would be surprised...I bet you have inspired at least one person today and you don't even know it! Just by your kind words and your warm smile, you've inspired someone!

Keep up the good work....find your passion, and when you're questioning what you're doing, get inspired..or inspire someone!

I thank you for inspiring me!

Take care!



paperhill said...

great post!!

traveler said...

Jen, you are the most inspiration giving person I know! Laura