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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sweet Katherine

Sweet Katherine is my favorite youngest child!  My baby will turn 21 tomorrow.  There was a crazy snow storm the day we brought her home from the hospital.

fun bike rides together
 That should have been a sign that Katherine would always bring a bit of excitement to everything!

so silly!
 Katherine is silly, fun, intelligent, insightful, thought
provoking (it takes a lot to provoke my thoughts!), inspirational, fashionable, athletic, funny, and so much more!

My awesome kids! Katherine, Lindsey & Mark
I see a theme here with the legs!
I wonder where she got her silliness from!?

Yes, I do have a favorite child!  I have three, actually!  I have a favorite son, Mark, a favorite older daughter, Lindsey, and a favorite baby, Katherine!

I am a lucky girl!!  Happy 21st birthday Katherine! 

Love, Mom

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