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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made Me Cry

The feedback I just received honestly made me cry!! A happy cry!  I'm not posting this to brag.  Great customer service is important to me, as a shop owner, and as a buyer!  When I receive wonderful customer service, I let the company know.  I also let them know if it's not so good, so hopefully they can improve from my "constructive criticism"!
"So elegant , such a lovely dish. Jen, many thanks for the quick shipping and for packaging it so well. This is a gift for a friend who collects rose things . However, I am so tempted to keep this dish for myself. I love all your wonderful things that you sell in your store. It's so hard to look without buying at least one thing. That is why I highly recommend anybody who is after a lovely gift for a special person or just something for yourself to take a peek at this stunning shop. Jen is such a dream to deal with. Gift wrapping your purchase is just another thing I love about buying from Jen, she is proud of what she sells and it shows. Jen is an Asset to Etsy!"

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