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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Amazing!

Like magic these turned into...



Truly amazing!

I sold a pretty set of china plates and a teacup awhile ago to a lovely person named Lisa Marie.  Little did I know what she would create and how truly beautiful her work is!

Lisa Marie can take pretty vintage china and teacups and turn it into true works of art!  Wouldn't it be great to take some of your Grandma's china and turn into into something like this!?

Her cake stands and other tiered stands are absolutely stunning and perfect for weddings, showers, or what a wonderful gift any of her beautiful pieces would make! (hint hint to anyone in my family!)

You must check out her shops on Etsy!  http://www.orangeandblossom.etsy.com/ and http://www.highteaforalice.com/ !

Enjoy browsing! 

Thanks Lisa Marie!


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highteaforalice said...

You're so sweet, Jen! You have so many beautiful pieces in your etsy shop, I could create stands all day long from your items! I do think we may offer a service someday to take people's vintage pieces and turn them into stands. It would be fun! Thanks so much for the feature!!!