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Saturday, November 27, 2010


If walls could talk!

The Red Brick School

Standing since 1909


In our wonderful town of Westlake, Ohio, stood a great piece of history, but has now been demolished.  It was called the Red Brick School, and was built in 1909.

Apparently there was a group of citizens that did try to convert it to an art center, but unfortunately that idea did not workout and thus, this great historic building is now rubble.


This is some of the information I found on this great old building.  I drove by it everyday on my way to the post office.  It was also right next to our middle school.  I always loved it.

The past few days they have been tearing it down.  It was pretty sad to watch, but I did get some pictures.

I wish I would have had a chance to go through the inside of this great building, but never did get that chance.

If walls could talk!



Beth said...

That's a shame that they torn down the school. In my area, they turned several old school buildings into condos. I like to see the historic buildings repurposed.

jenscloset said...

I really wish I would have put more effort into trying to save this building-